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Writing – a therapy?

“Writing is a form of therapy; sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose or paint can manage to escape the madness, melancholia, the panic and fear which is inherent in a human situation.” – Graham Greene

I have found the love of words to be deeply inspiring; writing allows me to be in resonance with my inner self. I believe one can find this calmness in anything one desires to do so.

I have found peace in writing. What path have you chosen?

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Remain Motivated With Your Writing

Anybody who has had the desire to write knows that just having the will to write has never helped. One needs huge amounts of motivation that is fuelled on a daily basis because writing isn’t a short time goal. Aspiring writers would like to write for a long time on a daily basis.

Often, it so happens that inspiration dries up quickly, even before the writer can get his ideas onto paper. How does one deal with such a situation and still get his ideas into the book he always wanted to see?

Chuck the whole idea of being inspired:

Whoever said that one should be waiting for inspiration to write would have never completed a book. Ask any of the famous writers about inspiration who will tell you that you cannot wait for inspiration all day for you to begin writing. Instead, begin your day with the firm idea that you will write no matter what. Inspiration is good for you to get started but relying on it will not help.

Set goals, short and long term:

Setting goals is one of the oldest methods followed by people to achieve almost anything. Though it may sound boring, it still works. Write down your goals, even if it’s a small article or a blog or a review, anything at all. Writing them down imprints the goal in your mind and helps you go on with it.

Buy yourself a gift:

It’s really appealing to buy gifts but do this after you promise yourself that you will get your stuff written. Gift yourself a treat, a holiday or something you always wanted to buy yourself buy only after you get some writing done. Bribery works in a good way too!

Read books about writing:

Of course, you’ve heard this before. Reading can motivate you to write more. But when you read books specifically designed for writers, the boost that you get is incredibly high. Many books such as On Writing, Bird by Bird, Your writing Coach, Mugging the Muse and many more are written to give writers the ultimate push.

Set aside time:

If writing is really important to you, you will find time no matter how busy your life is. It’s a good idea to set some time aside on a daily basis. Morning time is the best because that is when you are fresh and worry free. Once you are done, anything that happens during the day will not bother you next day when you show up at your desk.

Happy Writing. Hope you succeed into putting words into writing!!!

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The ingredients for writing a book

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Have you ever wanted a book that told you everything about writing. well, here it is. I have penned down a book which talks everything about writing. But remember, any book can only show you the way. It cannot make you write but only you can do that. A book can only show you how it’s done. There are plenty of books out there which describe about writing. There were some things which I never found in any books. So, I decided to write down one that can probably help someone who wants to know the business of writing.

Writing a book isn’t an easy job. It requires a lot of effort from a single person to have a serious thought on a particular subject and put it down into words to produce a book. The labor of writing isn’t limited to writing alone for it involves knowledge in various other areas such as plotting, researching, editing, submitting and marketing. A writer has to possess strong command over language, has to be interested in reading all kinds of books and should have the motivation to keep himself going even when he wants to stop. A writer has to possess certain qualities to grow from being a beginner to being a well-read writer.

The book “The Ingredients for writing a book” throws light for the newbie writers who know that they want to become a writer but have no idea how to do so. A lot of people abandon their dreams when they have nobody to guide them. This book will teach writers on how to start writing a book and stay with it until it’s completed. This book is for people who have difficulty in realizing their true purpose for writing. It is aimed to help writers develop their writing style by learning the art of English grammar and implementing them in the correct technique.

This book will boost writers to generate more writing by having faith that the stories they write will definitely make a difference in the literary world.

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On writing

“One thing that helps is to give myself permission to write badly. I tell myself that I’m going to do my five or 10 pages no matter what, and that I can always tear them up the following morning if I want. I’ll have lost nothing—writing and tearing up five pages would leave me no further behind than if I took the day off.”

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Owning the real thing

20 year old Gina is always worried about owning her stuff. Here are a few fragments from her thoughts – oh my god. She still hasn’t returned my favorite white diamond like earrings.  I am sorry, I cannot share my novel collection with anybody.  I treasure them. I can’t stand when anybody touches my laptop even if it’s my mother.

Whoa, haven’t we all been like this at some point.  Cmon now, we are like this almost daily trying to keep hold of things we own , fretting over the expensive china your neighbor borrowed and didn’t bother to return, boiling with anger when that bugger friend tried to talk with your hot looking girl, dropping hankies in buses and trains to own seats. .the list is endless. We spend half our lives trying to own things that make no sense.

See the irony of life. As we spend our lives trying to become owners, we tend to ignore the real treasure of which we should be owners? No materials, no human beings. It’s your dreams.

Of course I own my dream, you say, raising an eyebrow with an air of confidence. Well yeah, your dream is definitely yours because there is no way a thief is gonna creep into your house to steal a dream because for him your dreams are silly.

And so is it for the thousands of people out there. Nobody cares if you’re dream is to be a doctor, a plumber, an artist or florist. Guess what? The closest of people around you will also not care until you, the real owner if your dream cares for it.

When you care for something deeply, you show true ownership. And that’s when you say, yeah I own my dream. I am the owner of my dreams.

Yet again, the truth is that we really don’t own our dreams and we can deny it as long as we want. For instance, when you own a dream, you have to make sacrifices.

My dream is to be a well read writer. If you ask me now, I can talk at length about how precious my dream is or how I can think of nothing but my passion. Which is not yhe entire truth because I still choose things that make are of less importance.

I end up watching television or spend all my time on phone or allow someone else to use my time instead of putting down a stronger foot to protect my dream.

And here we are, fighting to own things rather than fighting for what is really worth. Well yes, next time you fight, let it be for your dream.

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Reading a lot

Writing is about community,even if you write alone.  Some authors choose not to read anything while they are actively working on something.  That is fine.  But it seems obvious that the other half of writing is reading.  And not just reading our own writing. When you don’t read, you miss out on nourishment and inspiration.   Read books.  They are good for us.

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A time to protect…A time to realize…




Image“When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes. Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.” 
― Paulo Coelho, Brida

Did you know that finding a path which is your life’s destiny doesn’t happen by chance? Did you know that being passionate about a dream doesn’t happen to most of us? Yeah, not everybody has a dream. Reality check!!! You have known people of having dreams but not pursuing them but what about who do not have a dream at all? Imagine how plain and boring their lives must be. So, if you have a dream and yet are still not able to pursue it, just pat yourself on the back because it takes courage to have a dream. 

Now that you realize that you are one of those fortunate ones who have chanced to treasure a dream, do not let life’s battles ignore your dream and dump it away in some box of mess. It definitely takes a considerable amount of will power and willingness to realize a dream, of course the challenges depend on the kind of dream that you want to achieve. 

The good news is that, no matter how hard or impossible your dream seems to be, there have been people in the past and in the present too who have achieved great heights which you thought were impossible. And guess what, they are simple human beings just like you and me. Whoa, you have heard that one before and you say, yes, I know that. So what? 

Well, two things are clear. Your dream is not impossible and it can be realized because crores of other people have made it happen. Of course, you will be warned beforehand that the path is not going to be easy so that you are mentally prepared for the obstacles. But with profound faith and hope, you actually can make it happen. I keep telling this to myself daily because now and then, my faith shakes as well but end of the day, I usually come around to it and restore it again. 

So, treasure your dreams because they are yours and they need you the most to realize them. 

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Having faith is like brushing your teeth

Lately, I have realized that it’s easier to talk about faith than practicing the same. Yet , however difficult it may seem, we can’t give up on faith for hope and faith alone can lead us to our destination. Keep going. Cry, complain, brood…when you wake up next morning, restore your faith no matter what.

Faith is very much like brushing your teeth.  You have to learn to renew your faith each day. You have to do it daily if you want a clean conscience.

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The juggler

The juggler stops in the middle of the plaza, pulls out three oranges and begins to toss them. People gather around marvel at the grace and elegance of his movements. “That’s what life’s like, more or less. We always have an orange in each hand, and one in the air.  But that one in the air makes all the difference.  It was thrown with ability and experience, but it follows its own course. Like a juggler, we throw a dream out into the world, but we don’t always have control over it. At times like that, you have to know how to put yourself in God’s hands – and ask that, in due time, the dream follows  its course  correctly and falls, completed , back into your hand”

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In one of the prayers that Jesus thought us, it says, God’s will be done. When his will causes a problem, it also presents a solution.