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Remain Motivated With Your Writing

Anybody who has had the desire to write knows that just having the will to write has never helped. One needs huge amounts of motivation that is fuelled on a daily basis because writing isn’t a short time goal. Aspiring writers would like to write for a long time on a daily basis.

Often, it so happens that inspiration dries up quickly, even before the writer can get his ideas onto paper. How does one deal with such a situation and still get his ideas into the book he always wanted to see?

Chuck the whole idea of being inspired:

Whoever said that one should be waiting for inspiration to write would have never completed a book. Ask any of the famous writers about inspiration who will tell you that you cannot wait for inspiration all day for you to begin writing. Instead, begin your day with the firm idea that you will write no matter what. Inspiration is good for you to get started but relying on it will not help.

Set goals, short and long term:

Setting goals is one of the oldest methods followed by people to achieve almost anything. Though it may sound boring, it still works. Write down your goals, even if it’s a small article or a blog or a review, anything at all. Writing them down imprints the goal in your mind and helps you go on with it.

Buy yourself a gift:

It’s really appealing to buy gifts but do this after you promise yourself that you will get your stuff written. Gift yourself a treat, a holiday or something you always wanted to buy yourself buy only after you get some writing done. Bribery works in a good way too!

Read books about writing:

Of course, you’ve heard this before. Reading can motivate you to write more. But when you read books specifically designed for writers, the boost that you get is incredibly high. Many books such as On Writing, Bird by Bird, Your writing Coach, Mugging the Muse and many more are written to give writers the ultimate push.

Set aside time:

If writing is really important to you, you will find time no matter how busy your life is. It’s a good idea to set some time aside on a daily basis. Morning time is the best because that is when you are fresh and worry free. Once you are done, anything that happens during the day will not bother you next day when you show up at your desk.

Happy Writing. Hope you succeed into putting words into writing!!!

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