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Owning the real thing

20 year old Gina is always worried about owning her stuff. Here are a few fragments from her thoughts – oh my god. She still hasn’t returned my favorite white diamond like earrings.  I am sorry, I cannot share my novel collection with anybody.  I treasure them. I can’t stand when anybody touches my laptop even if it’s my mother.

Whoa, haven’t we all been like this at some point.  Cmon now, we are like this almost daily trying to keep hold of things we own , fretting over the expensive china your neighbor borrowed and didn’t bother to return, boiling with anger when that bugger friend tried to talk with your hot looking girl, dropping hankies in buses and trains to own seats. .the list is endless. We spend half our lives trying to own things that make no sense.

See the irony of life. As we spend our lives trying to become owners, we tend to ignore the real treasure of which we should be owners? No materials, no human beings. It’s your dreams.

Of course I own my dream, you say, raising an eyebrow with an air of confidence. Well yeah, your dream is definitely yours because there is no way a thief is gonna creep into your house to steal a dream because for him your dreams are silly.

And so is it for the thousands of people out there. Nobody cares if you’re dream is to be a doctor, a plumber, an artist or florist. Guess what? The closest of people around you will also not care until you, the real owner if your dream cares for it.

When you care for something deeply, you show true ownership. And that’s when you say, yeah I own my dream. I am the owner of my dreams.

Yet again, the truth is that we really don’t own our dreams and we can deny it as long as we want. For instance, when you own a dream, you have to make sacrifices.

My dream is to be a well read writer. If you ask me now, I can talk at length about how precious my dream is or how I can think of nothing but my passion. Which is not yhe entire truth because I still choose things that make are of less importance.

I end up watching television or spend all my time on phone or allow someone else to use my time instead of putting down a stronger foot to protect my dream.

And here we are, fighting to own things rather than fighting for what is really worth. Well yes, next time you fight, let it be for your dream.

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