Internship at The Viewspaper

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Call for writers

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Rejection hurts.

Nobody likes rejection. Even when you know the reason might not have had anything to do with the quality of your writing but with the publisher’s budget or space constraints. Being rejected is never a pleasant experience and it’s one that most people would prefer to avoid, but you can’t. Not if you want to […]

Mugging the muse : Writing fiction for love and money (free e-book)

We all are looking for someone to guide us in the darkest hour. We need a hand that caressess our head when we are low, lying in that deep pit of rejection, self-pity and low confidence. I am not sure about everybody, but most of the writers, including me, have felt the dark hour risen […]

You are rejected!!!

It was just like any other day. After my day’s work, I usually come home, check my e-mails and get working on my novel. One day, after I returned and checked my e-mails, I was devastated to see a rejection slip in my inbox from one of the famous publishing houses to whom I had […]

Fiction Factor – A site for writers

The site is a complete map for budding writers. It gives loads of information on how to write a book, get published, how to fight writer’s block, how to go through rejected, how to stay motivated and much more. Paid writing contests are published as well. Writing tips from various writers are posted […]